Unauthorized Ticket Re-Sale Sites

The TaxSlayer Center wants fans to be aware that the ONLY site that verifies tickets are official is ticketmaster.com.  If you buy tickets on any other site you are taking the chance that the ticket will be rejected when scanned at the venue. This included fan-to-fan re-sale tickets.

If you choose to buy re-sale tickets, it’s important that you use ticketmaster.com only because re-sale sites can’t guarantee that the ticket is the original.  Other sites may say they have a “guarantee” but that only covers a refund for the price of the ticket and if you traveled from far away, stayed in a hotel, etc., it makes the frustration that much worse.

There are some unscrupulous people out there that will sell the same exact ticket on multiple sites and even if it’s a valid original only the first person who has the barcode scanned at the arena gets into the show and others are rejected.  

  • People need to make sure they never send photos of their tickets to anyone or post photos of tickets on social media because anyone can use the barcode to gain entry.
There are many re-sale sites that are disguised to give the appearance that they are the arena’s ticketing site so people need to make sure they are on the “official” taxslayercenter.com site that links directly to the official ticketmaster.com site.  The only site that guarantees it’s a verified re-sale ticket is ticketmaster.com.  All re-sale tickets on the ticketmaster.com site are electronically verified as the actual ticket before they are allowed to be re-sold to another person which eliminates the possibility of fraud.

There is a place on the ticketmaster.com event purchase page to select “Type” of ticket and that will display the verified fan-to-fan re-sale tickets.

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